Book an Ad

Crypton offers ads on 3 promotion channels:

  1. @CryptonBuyBot - your ads will be shown on buybot messages in every group where it is connected.

  2. @Crypton_Deploys - your ads will be shown in Crypton Deploys channel messages.

  3. @CryptoniteScannerBot - your ads will be shown on scan messages in private conversations and groups where our scanner bot is configured.

There are 4 slots available for every date, meaning that booking one slot will result into your ad being shown on every 4th post in selected promotion channel. If you want to book all 4 slots, you will need to repeat the process 4 times for selected date(s).

The process of booking an ad consists of the following steps:

  1. Select promotion channel.

  2. Select dates that you want to advertise on (in UTC) and press "Confirm".

  3. Enter a text for your ad.

  4. Send a link that you want to attach to the ad.

  5. Receive a payment wallet from the bot, pay the provided amount and press "VERIFY TX".

After successful payment confirmation, the bot will send you a notification about that. Then, our admins will have to go through a verification process for your ad. After successful verification, you will receive another message from the bot:

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